Light Source

We use high quality LED lamps for our Morglow products so they are reliable and will perform for a long time. The LED lamp is completely different from conventional light bulb and flourescent tube. LED is energy efficient, solid state, come in different shapes, light colours and power ratings. See the comparison chart.

Long life (about 11 years) Short life (only 0.5 year)
Solid State Chip & Encapsulation Fragile Filament & Glass shell
Energy & Cost Savings
(Consumers less than 15 watts of power for GlassLite products)
High energy usage; Emits more heat than light
Safe and environment friendly,
no mercury
Improper disposal can be harmful to environment
No harmful UV rays emission Harmful UV rays that may discolour products
Sheds light where it needs to be Omni-directional light, often glaring
Virtually no need to replace lamps! High labor cost for lamp replacementsl
This comparison chart for general illustration only. Lamp life span is projected based on manufacturers' standard specification.Please contact us for details